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Relaxing in a warm, bubbling spa or hot tub can relieve sore muscles, invigorate the skin, and contribute to a sense of calm.

Enjoy your spa

Now you can enjoy your pristine spa or hot tub without having to become an expert in water treatment and spa maintenance.

We take care of it all

We will do all your maintenance, water treatments, and replace filters, all at a very affordable cost.

Our Services

Bi Monthly or Monthly water check and cleaning of Spas & Hot Tubs. Drain, clean and fill of Spas/Hot Tubs. Spa chemicals stocked, & Filter Replacements.

Our Service Areas

Here are just some of the locations we provide service to: Mercer Island, Bellevue, Seattle, Kent, Kirkland, Maple Valley, Issaquah, Auburn, Redmond, Kent, Renton. Please call to see if we service in your area.

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We serve the greater Seattle area. Licensed business providing quality services at a reasonable price.

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What others say about us

Norm is the best guy

I am a new beginner to hot tub stuff until now but my previous owner left an old Caldera hot tub and I just left it as is a little over one year.  So my hot tub and gazebo was dirty and needed cleaning.

Norm came on Sunday morning and cleaned very thoroughly not only for hot tub but also covers and all inside gazebo.  And he drained all dirty water and cleaned filter and filled with water and balanced them very nicely.  My hot tub is very old one but he figured out how to operate and finally made it work to have heat coming on.  The heat was one of my concern as I couldn’t see the heat coming out of my hot tub when I just turned it on and waited about 30 minutes before.  Now I know I have to wait about 10 ~ 12 hours for the heat.

He also send me follow up email explaining about what he has done and  included future maintenance tips as well.

Even though I am a new beginner to hot tub but I am pretty sure Norm is the best guy who is very friendly and has expertise and most of all, he takes care and clean them as if it is his.

Courteous and Professional

Norm is great. When we bought our house earlier this year, we were a bit overwhelmed by the idea of being pool owners as well. We hired Norm and haven’t looked back. He’s so friendly and knowledgeable and really seems to love his job. He helped us out when our pool almost overflowed from all the rain we got. He helped us get in touch with a good (and reasonably priced) repair guy when our pump stopped working. He’s always on time and always so courteous and professional. I’ve never written a review for anything before, so it’s saying something about Norm that I am taking the time to write a review about him!

Description of work:

Norm comes and cleans our pool every other week. He also does all of the chemical testing, as well as ordering the chemicals for us.


Excellent! Norm was able to schedule us quickly and arrived on time and well prepared. He was very informative and meticulous in his duties, besides being a heck of a nice guy.

He’s the Hot Tub Whisperer! “CLEARLY”

Clear as the water he leaved behind, Norm’s only goal is to make your spa the way you dream it would be when you got it.  It’s also true for the way he handles all aspects of the customer experience.

I’ve done the leg work on this matter and I can say with 100% confidence that Norm is hands-down THE BEST in class.

Hiring the others is counterproductive to the reason you have a spa…. They just stress you out

Fantastic !

Norm was fantastic to work with over the phone and did a phenomenal job (even in the pouring rain) in cleaning our hot tub. He was knowledgeable and I would certainly recommend him to others.

I am delighted !!

Upon calling Norm for a quote and appointment, I found him communicative, informative, and professional. Norm was punctual at appointment time and was thorough and meticulous as he cleaned the hot tub. As I checked on progress, he was pleasant to talk with as to the mechanics and status of the process. When he finished refilling the tub, he rebalanced the chemicals and cleaned up the work area. After trying several spa service companies in the area and not receiving the best service, I am delighted to have found Norm and recommend his service.

Definitely reasonable

During a few week long rain storm, our outdoor jacuzzi top blew over. By the time we noticed it, the jacuzzi had collected lots of leaves and debris from the storm including some spider webs. Norm was booked a few weeks out and told us to order a replacement jacuzzi cover first. He asked us the right questions to figure out what kind of work would be needed. Norm came out and cleaned the jacuzzi, making it look almost brand new. He installed the cover for us for no charge. He said the work took less time that he thought from our conversation and even gave us a discount. Norm is one of the most professional and the nicest people you could work with. And, his price is definitely reasonable.

HIGHLY recommend !!

Norm drained, cleaned, refilled the spa and added all the appropriate chemicals. He also drained the spa cover, which had sprung a few leaks and filled with water. And to top that off he repaired the rips with waterproof duct tape to prevent further water infiltration and then cleaned the cover of the sap and bird droppings that had accumulated over the past few months.

In this age of “so-so” service personnel Norm is what I call a “keeper.” Not only is he very knowledgeable about spa care, but he also took the time to show me how to do weekly maintenance checks, including performing a full inventory of my chemical stock to ensure I had everything I needed to keep the water clean. The quality of Norm’s work is only matched by the quality of the time he spent doing the extra work on the spa cover, which included a thorough cleaning to a level I didn’t think was possible. Needless to say, Norm is now scheduled to perform the monthly maintenance on my spa. And yes, I would HIGHLY recommend him.

We serve the entire greater Seattle area

Licensed business providing quality services at reasonable prices.